Florida mayor laughs at Biden’s Hot Mic FM

Florida mayor laughs at Biden's Hot Mic FM

When Mayor Ray Murphy and President Joe Biden met each other in Fort Myers Beach on Wednesday, they learned they had a lot in common.

They became so attached to each other that they kissed each other, the President must have forgotten that it was being recorded on camera.

President Biden went on Wednesday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, during which he spoke with Murphy.

The president met with Murphy and other local officials and residents during the visit and made remarks at a joint news conference with the state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis.

During this visit, Biden discussed the damage caused by Hurricane Ian with Mayor Murphy Kay and several other officials.

During the visit, Biden chatted with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis at a news conference.

A conversation between Biden and Murphy went viral across the country.

After Biden’s remarks went viral, Murphy told NBC News in a phone interview that “Biden didn’t distract me for a minute.

Murphy says he had never met Biden before.

In this testimonial, Murphy and Biden discuss the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, as well as many other things.

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