James Bond Producer Rules Out Several Stars in 007 Race

Who will be the next actor to play James Bond?

Daniel Craig stepped down from the role of James Bond after the film No Time to Die, and questions are now being raised as to who will become the next James Bond.

Now it will be interesting to see who the 007 franchise would like to replace James Bond with the departure of Daniel Craig.

Producer Michael G. Wilson has set a specific age criterion for the role of Negem Bond.

Wilson said that we are looking for an actor who is similar to Daniel Craig for the role.

Because Bond is already a veteran and Bond is a man who has gone through wars.

The producers want to choose an actor who is already influential in the age of 30 and above for the role.”

The next James Bond list includes several candidates such as Tom Hardy, 45, Cillian Murphy, 46, Michael Fassbender, 45, Harris Dickinson, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 41.

Well 007’s movie is a long time coming, the producers of the movie are still busy finding the next James Bond.

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