Keanu Reeves wants to play “Ghost Rider” role if he ever joins the MCU

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Keanu Reeves talks about what character he would like to play if he ever joined the MCU

When Keanu Reeves was asked in an interview if you ever joined the MCU, which role would you play?

His dream role is such, that his fans know and his fans are constantly giving him suggestions for that role.

MCU is a popularly successful interconnected superhero franchise that has done many big superhero movies including Avengers.

Reeves is one of the iconic stars of this generation that everyone wants to see in many MCU characters.

During a recent interview, the stars of John Wick were asked which role they would prefer if they ever got a chance to join the MCU.

Reeves contemplated saying that if he ever got a chance in the MCU, he would probably choose Ghost Rider.

As information, Marvel Studios currently does not have any Ghost Rider projects officially.

By the way, Reeves is unlikely to get this role, because Marvel has already offered this role to Johnny Blaze.



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